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    With so many changes happening across multiple jurisdictions, it can be hard to keep up. So let us help you stay abreast of the latest legal developments, and how they could affect your interests, with our insightful industry updates.

    Insight Cyber Crime and Covid19


    Investigative Bias

    Simon Caltagirone

    CEO // Senior Solicitor

    Insight Cyber Crime and Covid19

    What is the SFO?

    The Serious Fraud Office (“SFO”) is a government body with jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute serious and complex fraud in England & Wales, and Northern Ireland… Read Article

    What to do if you are issued with a Red Notice for your Arrest

    Interpol is an organisation consisting of 194 member countries working together to fight international crime. Various investigative tools have been developed to achieve Interpol’s aims including a system of notices issued by Interpol and disseminated to its member countries.

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    uber stop london post

    Twelve Tabulae Updates
    Supreme Court Grants Uber Drivers ‘Worker’ Status In The UK

    As market disruptors, Twelve Tabulae recognise the importance of using innovative methods to deliver traditional services in this unique global landscape. The rise of new working models continue to challenge the traditional notions of the legal definition of being a ‘worker’. This legal challenge has brought change by giving the courts increased purview to update this definition and afford rights to those in less traditional roles.
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    Opinion Matters

    Death Row

    Stephen Vullo KC

    Co-founder // King’s Counsel

    Insight Magazine Twelve Tabulae

    Hear Mr Caltagirone and Mr Vullo KC discuss why they started Twelve Tabulae and what makes us so unique and unparalleled as a dispute resolution firm.

    Insight Magazine Twelve Tabulae

    ai and the law

    AI and The Law

    Will AI impact law firms and legal departments? When I was asked this question recently, I started to think about AI’s use as a real world legal analysis tool for disclosure and contracts vs the hype that AI is ‘replacing lawyers’, keeping in mind Chat GPT’s limitations. Then I realised the best person to answer this question would be ChatGPT itself. So, I asked ‘will Artificial Intelligence replace lawyers’ and it told me that it did not think so as it was not human enough – this is precisely the issue.

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    Insight Magazine Twelve Tabulae
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