Corporate Conflict

We are a trusted partner of a number of large, well-known and listed corporations who value our discrete and incisive advice. We have a proven track record in successfully representing these clients in a wide range of corporate conflicts, including high-stakes cases brought before the High Court.

Now more than ever, managing and defending the reputation of your business can be as important as the dispute’s outcome. So, it is no wonder we have been chosen to engage in some of the most complex and protracted commercial disputes ever brought by criminal prosecution or civil claim.

​With Twelve Tabulae, corporations will have highly experienced and industry-proven litigators at their disposal. We bring not only a wealth of experience but are equipped with state-of-the-art evidence review software and fast recourse to experts such as forensic accountants and private investigator teams staffed by ex-enforcement agents.

Recognising that corporate conflicts can be time-consuming and resource intensive, Twelve Tabulae aims to efficiently resolve disputes by exploring alternative dispute resolution methods whenever appropriate.

​Our focus is on achieving optimal outcomes while minimising the disruption to business operations.

The expertise of our commercial litigation team extends to many areas including civil fraud matters. We possess the knowledge and experience necessary to navigate intricate legal landscapes and diligently pursue justice for our clients. Whether through negotiation, mediation or arbitration, Twelve Tabulae’s corporate conflict services are designed to resolve disputes effectively and efficiently.

Twelve Tabulae is recognised continually for our exceptional corporate conflict services, providing comprehensive solutions to businesses facing complex legal disputes. Businesses can rely on our comprehensive legal strategies and meticulous attention to detail to protect their interests and achieve favourable resolutions.

That’s why engaging Twelve Tabulae’s highly agile team as your Commercial Litigation Solicitors in London is vital.

Moving quickly to secure all sensitive corporate evidence in your favour and ensure your board and any high-ranking staff are well advised in order to limit corporate liability.

Corporate fraud/SFO prosecutions + Competition Law civil and criminal investigations + Bribery Act offences + Money-laundering + Criminal tax investigations + FCA disputes + Internal corporate investigations + GDPR complaints + Corporate espionage and director disputes

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