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Our Approach

While our work may be complex, our approach is simple; we ask ourselves how we can solve your problem, as efficiently and conclusively as possible. We ensure that we engage thoroughly with your situation and interrogate every aspect of it in order to build trust and form a comprehensive strategy from the very outset.

In the first instance, we may not utilise the law at all, choosing to approach the other side directly in order to expedite a swift resolution.

​Only when non-legal avenues are exhausted do we apply our expertise to bringing matters to a swift and satisfactory conclusion through the courts, ensuring that you are fully informed and reassured at every step of the process. We act for corporations and individuals, appreciating and protecting their different priorities whilst applying the same level of commitment and discretion to both.

From preliminary negotiations, notices and court ancillary orders to Police interviews, dawn raids, litigation and appeals, we provide the full range of conflict resolution representation.

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Corporate Conflict

We are a trusted partner of a number of large, well-known and listed corporations who value our discrete and incisive advice.

Now more than ever, managing and defending the reputation of your business can be as important as the dispute’s outcome. So it is no wonder we have been chosen to engage in some of the most complex and protracted disputes ever brought by criminal prosecution or civil claim.

​With Twelve Tabulae corporations will have highly experienced and industry-proven litigators at their disposal, equipped with state-of-the-art evidence review software and fast recourse to experts such as forensic accountants and private investigator teams staffed by ex-enforcement agents.

That’s why engaging Twelve Tabulae’s highly agile team is vital, moving quickly to secure all sensitive corporate evidence in your favour and ensure your board and any high-ranking staff are well advised in order to limit corporate liability.

Simon Caltagirone

Corporate fraud/SFO prosecutions + Competition Law civil and criminal investigations + Bribery Act offences + Money-laundering + Criminal tax investigations + FCA disputes + Internal corporate investigations + GDPR complaints + Corporate espionage and director disputes

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Individual Conflict

No matter the level of severity of a criminal allegation, it is always personal and immediately life altering. The moment a matter is reported to the Police, a process is started that can potentially destroy a person’s livelihood and liberty. We act quickly and robustly to have criminal allegations discontinued - our track record in this regard is unparalleled, having had some of the most sensitive and serious indictments withdrawn.

We are poised to attend Police Stations day and night to represent individuals facing the overbearing pressure of Police interviews, ensuring that rights are protected and that the first opportunity to give an account is properly advised upon.

​You will have access to a senior counsel and solicitor from the very start of your case and they will remain with you throughout, to develop trust and ensure that you have continuity of representation and strategic approach. The senior counsel representing you in Court will have had involvement from the beginning of your case to ensure complete consistency.

Specialist investigators are also instructed from the outset to secure evidence that the Police may have missed in order to bolster your case.

Stephen Vullo KC

Sexual offences + Serious offences against the person + Firearms offences + Appeal matters + Criminal tax allegations + Extradition

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