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    Service Standards

    COMMITMENT TO SERVICE // We aim to build successful long-term relationships with our clients by giving them clear, tailored and pragmatic advice to help secure the very best outcome for each situation.

    OBTAINING A QUOTATION // You can contact our supervising solicitor herein order to discuss the costs associated with your matter and if enough information is available, receive a quotation of the costs to instruct us.

    PRICING MODELS // We always agree costs with clients before undertaking work for them and quote in a simple and transparent way. These fees are commonly based upon an agreed hourly rate. We’re accustomed to providing quotations based on the information at hand and the more we know about a matter, the more accurately we can give an estimate of the time it will take in advance of undertaking work for you. We may agree to a fixed fee when we have knowledge of every aspect of the case.

    TIMESCALES // Timescales for cases vary according to a number of factors. When circumstances change in a case, we will notify our clients in advance to confirm that this may lead to an increase in the fees we will charge. If our own timescales change, we will also endeavour to notify our clients of any delay to their case and the reasons for this change. If there is a timescale that is important to your case, please inform us as early as possible.

    COMPLAINTS // We take pride in our professional standards, but if any issues arise relating to your case we would always suggest you discuss these informally with your supervising solicitor or barrister. If you wish to make a formal complaint about one of our lawyers or members of staff contact us here. You can also complain via the Legal Ombudsman (LeO) if you are not content with the final response to your complaint, or if your complaint has not been responded to within eight weeks. A list of who can complain to the Legal Ombudsman (LeO) is available here. Their decision data can be viewed hereand the Barristers’ Registry page can be accessed here .

    You must complain to the Legal Ombudsman either within six years of your lawyer’s actions/failure to act, or no later than three years after you should reasonably have known there were grounds to complain.

    You must also complain to the Legal Ombudsman within six months of receiving your lawyer’s final response to your complaint.

    To discuss any aspect of our service, fees or complaints processes, please contact our supervising solicitor via

    Authorised and Regulated by the Bar Standards Board.