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Twelve Tabulae
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We are problem solvers
and our business is conflict resolution.

Rome Pantheon

Well Connected

Our founders realised that the only way to meet their exacting standards of representation was to set up their own firm.

Twelve Tabulae is the result.

We are a collective of expert, highly-connected and well-trusted senior litigators who are committed to delivering excellence, and demand the same from every lawyer we recruit. From the moment you contact us, your counsel and solicitor will have only one goal in mind; to make your problem disappear. First we listen. We question. We understand. Then we agree a beginning-to-end strategy and apply the finest legal minds to reach a favourable conclusion.

Because however your conflict began, you can trust us to resolve it.

Rome Pantheon

Building The Case Around You

Simon Caltagirone

Co-founder // Senior Solicitor


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Why We Succeed

Stephen Vullo KC

Co-founder // King's Counsel


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