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    Individual Conflict

    No matter the level of severity of a criminal allegation, it is always personal and immediately life altering. The moment a matter is reported to the Police, a process is started that can potentially destroy a person’s livelihood and liberty. We act quickly and robustly to have criminal allegations discontinued – our track record in this regard is unparalleled, having had some of the most sensitive and serious indictments withdrawn.

    We are poised to attend Police Stations day and night to represent individuals facing the overbearing pressure of Police interviews, ensuring that rights are protected and that the first opportunity to give an account is properly advised upon.

    ​You will have access to a senior counsel and solicitor from the very start of your case and they will remain with you throughout, to develop trust and ensure that you have continuity of representation and strategic approach. The senior counsel representing you in Court will have had involvement from the beginning of your case to ensure complete consistency.

    Specialist investigators are also instructed from the outset to secure evidence that the Police may have missed in order to bolster your case.

    Sexual offences + Serious offences against the person + Firearms offences + Appeal matters + Criminal tax allegations + Extradition

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