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    Our Approach

    While our work may be complex, our approach is simple; we ask ourselves how we can solve your problem, as efficiently and conclusively as possible. We ensure that we engage thoroughly with your situation and interrogate every aspect of it in order to build trust and form a comprehensive strategy from the very outset.

    In the first instance, we may not utilise the law at all, choosing to approach the other side directly in order to expedite a swift resolution.

    ​Only when non-legal avenues are exhausted do we apply our expertise to bringing matters to a swift and satisfactory conclusion through the courts, ensuring that you are fully informed and reassured at every step of the process. We act for corporations and individuals, appreciating and protecting their different priorities whilst applying the same level of commitment and discretion to both.

    From preliminary negotiations, notices and court ancillary orders to Police interviews, dawn raids, litigation and appeals, we provide the full range of conflict resolution representation.

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